Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome Home, Danielle!

How did she manage to stay away for over a year?! That's right, my good friend, Danielle - born and raised in Washington - has not been back for over a year! Granted, her family moved to Virginia, so now visits home aren't to the lovely town of Kalama (yes, where they shot part of the Twilight movie and have a page in their yearbook dedicated to Carhartts)... And last year she tried to come home for Straube's wedding, but there was a little mishap in ticket purchasing. It was a sad day when she found out that her tickets were accidently purchased for April, instead of July.

She moved to Memphis for the University of Tennessee program in something really smart like Pathology (cancer) and Developmental Biology. She's getting her PhD, so she'll be there awhile.

BUT, we have her for 12 days and we have quite the agenda set out for her, including but not limited to: dinner at her fave Thai place, mani/pedis, Golden Gardens BBQ for her birthday, Sunday brunch, Greenlake fun, going out in Ballard, maybe a little shopping downtown and sooo much more. She's going to leave this city exhausted! She'll be playing a little musical apartments the whole time - staying first with Lianna, then Maddie, me, and possibly Erin and Autumn.

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