Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Take me or leave me

What an amazing weekend! It all started when I went downstairs after work to find three smiling faces waiting for me at the Starbucks - Steph, Kathi and my Mom. Let the mother/daughter fun begin!

First, we went to the Pink Door for a lovely dinner. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was fabulous, but our waiter had his nose so far up in the air, you needed binoculars! Basically, he seemed to be a little snobby, but it may have just appeared that way because he might have actually just been an awkward guy. And it didn't ruin the evening, it actually just gave us something to laugh about. After dinner, we headed to Steph's place for a glass of wine and chit-chat.

Saturday morning, bright and early (7:30am!!), Maddie came over for our last long run. We showed that run what was up because it was a cinch. (Knock on wood for this weekend!) After our run, the mother/daughter bonding ensued. We went downtown shopping and had lunch, then went to the Broadway musical, Rent. We were in the 2nd row! Great performance - I highly recommend it.

This is my favorite song from Rent - it's the movie version, but you get the gist. It reminds me of Stephanie... No, not because it's about lesbians, but because she is the one who got me hooked on the Rent soundtrack, starting with this one:

The rest of the weekend's festivities to follow - can't give it away all at once!

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