Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss Harper can most certainly do it!

I'm only like 100 pages in, but I would officially like to endorse the book, Miss Harper Can Do It. Not only do I feel like the main character's thought process is sometimes just pulled straight out of my head and on to the page - I know the author! Jane graduated two years ahead of me from BEHS, went to Skagit Valley Academy of Dance (so did I) and worked at Sakuma's too.

The story is set in Tacoma - about a 24-year old dealing with her boyfriend's deployment to Iraq. It's really entertaining so far, but I'll give the full review once I'm done.

Rumor has it, her next book references the Longhorn in Edison. I'll definitely be reading that one as well.

Update: So the main character got a little more crazed throughout the book, so I couldn't identify as much, but that made it even more entertaining! Read it.

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