Monday, June 15, 2009

Bob the Landlord

To round off the plethora of posts I've had during Danielle's visit, here is one of my favorites. So, after staying with me, D was scheduled to stay at Autumn's place for the last couple nights. Since we had, more or less, been planning her schedule without keeping her in the loop, she didn't know the specifics of her next stay.

So on Wednesday afternoon, she texted Autumn something along the lines of, "Hey! Can't wait to see you tonight. Am I staying with you tonight and tomorrow night?"

Upon hitting send, she realized that she had apparently checked the contact in her phone right under Autumn's name which just so happened to be Bob the Landlord. Yep, the old landlord from the Big House in Greenlake where everyone lived for 2 years (my time was shorter lived, but I still got the Big House experience). After years of jokingly inviting him to house parties and the such, someone finally pulled through, even if by accident.

If I was to picture Bob's reaction, it would be a little like this:



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