Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creepy Caroler

Let me tell you a little story.

It all began in the Christmas season of 2002. Each year, the parent's club beautifully decorated the Chi Omega house. It was a nice surprise coming back to our new "home" after Thanksgiving. (Because let's be honest, none of us were completely settled and comfortable as Freshman.)

One decoration stood out to us all: Creepy Caroler. She may not look creepy in the picture, but she becomes creepy when she mysteriously is found in your bed, closet, right outside your door, perhaps even in the shower? Yes, she got around. Thus, she became creepy.

This little joke was only took on by my pledge class, so come graduation time, we couldn't part. We stole Creepy Caroler. Yes, I said it. (I hope this doesn't affect my advisor status.) It came to the Big House in Green Lake.

There were big plans for Creepy Caroler, but unfortunately, she has yet to come back to life. I don't know where she is today, but I hope that one day we will all be reunited.

Rest in peace: Creepy Caroler, 2002-2007

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