Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Claus stopped by on Christmas Day

See? It's the real Santa Claus.
Sittin' with my cousin's adorable little girl,
Isabel and Grandma Pete.
(Isabel is one of the smartest little 2-year-olds I've ever met!
I was blown away.)

The duck decoys went over very well.
I think Kam liked them just as much as my dad!

Auntie Erika is training him early.
Mark my words: He's going to play UW basketball.
Then I'll buy season tickets.

A couple of my leading ladies.

The bows.
The oversized Santa hat...
Being cradled like a baby.
Typical Christmas Eve Eve with Stephers and Suze!
(next stop was the Train Wreck to see Joshie.)

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