Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Maddie inspired me to do a little 2009 in review post. (Even if her post could nearly be copied and pasted in mine because there was a lot of overlap...)

La Vida de Petes has seen its twists and turns of spectacularness this past year.

Here's how things went down.
  • Brought 2009 in with a bang with Karen and Maddie. (Literally, 20 minutes of fireworks for Alisa's wedding in Montana. Incredible.)
  • Took my post as sisterhood advisor for the lovely Chi O chapter.
  • Had a 21-day working streak. Followed by several new business proposals that kept me in the office until the wee hours of the night.
  • Likely due to the above, I got promoted!
  • Moved to my new hood of Ballard. Or as some might call it, Frelard. (Fremont + Ballard = Frelard)
  • Floated like it was my job. Green Lake, Lake Chelan (see pic above), Lake Washington - you name it!
  • Became obsessed with running. Thank goodness for running buddies! Yes, I'm talking about you, you and you. (The last 'you' is Kathryn who still needs to start her blog!)
  • Also floated, got 2nd degree burns, hiked a volcano, surfed 7-foot waves and more with Steph in Hawaii!
  • Went a little Pitch n' Putt crazy.
  • Attended not 1, but 2 birthday beer pong tournaments. (Seriously? What are the odds?!)
  • Earned my antlers from beer hunting at the Duchess. Also welcomed Danielle to the elite club. And left my credit card there for 2 weeks after Ryan and Drew's birthday. The Duchess loves me and I love the Duchess.
  • A surprise weekend trip to LA to visit Suze. (If only you could see the shock on her face.)
  • Hosted an entertaining party for the girls where I learned how to properly decorate cupcakes (among other things). Thank you, Straube!
  • Two Broadway plays with mi madre - Rent and Cats.
  • The 5th Annual Leavenworth Oktoberfest extravaganza!
  • Continued to work on my poker face. A lot. And even successfully sometimes.
  • Another classic Samish Island 4th of July parade.
  • Met the real-life Superman!
  • "The man" joined the Man Upstairs. (He's very missed.)
  • Drank a lot of cups of joe, started reading this Cup of Jo, blogged about Cups o' Joe and met a Hot Cup of Joe.


  1. I like the cup of joe play on words! Nice...sorry I missed the run last night!

  2. Yay for a great 2009!! You had an awesome year!


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