Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank you, Josh

For sending me this picture at midnight last night. It took some squinting and time to gain consciousness from my deep, deep, restful sleep (where I was dreaming about puppies, cupcakes, mistletoes and Christmas morning) to decipher what it actually was... When I realized that it read: "Poop on everything", well, I guess I'm still speechless.

But I understand the sense of urgency - sometimes at 2am your time, you just gotta send this important message. (Or at 5am your time, you gotta let me know how frickin' uncomfortable women's high heels are. Or at 3am your time, you gotta let me know that there is a hot Brazilian you're flirting with in the bathroom. Just remember, I'm generally not coherent until five minutes into the conversation.)

So, I'll see your "Poop on everything" and raise you this.

1 comment:

  1. hello!

    this picture is funny! :) from far away, i thought your friend had stacked those individually wrapped (in brown paper) toilet rolls and spelled that out for guests. :)

    but either way, it's still a great idea. :)


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