Thursday, December 3, 2009

"I skate like Tonya Harding"

Yes, I accidentally said that to someone the other night. What I was trying to imply was that I skate beautifully. (More like, say, a Michelle Kwan?) Not that was I was going take someone out by whacking them in the knee.

Last night, I (along with the appreciated assistance of Ms. Doherty) chaperoned an ice skating event for the Chi O chapter. Contrary to Maddie's take, I'm a rather intimidating advisor. Sort of like this. In actuality, this was the most well-behaved event I've ever chaperoned. I felt a little useless - which is fine by me considering the alternative would be, well, sending entire buses home. I've done it once (as Maddie mentions: the Winter Formal from Hell 2k5) and I would do it again.

It was super fun to chat about how different we now are from then, how the chapter has evolved over the few short years we've been out, who looks like who from our class and how crazy it was to see 100 people in Uggs. Seriously. Like the whole chapter.

Enjoying our hot cocoa from the sidelines before we hit the ice.

Da da da da da da da DA da da.
Do do do do do...
[insert Nutcracker music here]

Of course, all of the girls are mingling in the middle.
Perfect. Gives us a chance to get a better look at them.
We approve. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

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