Friday, August 6, 2010

Little letters, Friday edition

Dear 4 day week,
I wish you happened more often.

Dear Karen,
I loved our lunch date today! I can't believe you're leaving me for (North) Carolina. What does she have that I don't?

Dear Blue Angels,
You’re quite distracting out my office window. I’m excited for my actual first non-practice show tomorrow!

Dear Mariners,
0-6 last night? Really? I’m sorry you’re the second to worst AL baseball team this year. The only redeeming part of a game these days is the beer garden.

Dear Baltimore Orioles,
Thank you for giving the M’s some cushion from the bottom of the league.

Dear Husky football,
Your season is nearing. I am getting excited. For this guy and for winning. Please make it to a bowl game this year, so I can win my bet with Joe. I would like for him to take me to a nice dinner. Thank you.

Dear Olita,
If you find me creepily looking at you, it’s only because I can’t help looking at how sparkly it is. Congrats again!

Dear Bianka Blouse,
Please magically appear in my closet. Now.

Dear flowers,
You're so pretty. Why do girls like you so much?



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