Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Road Trip: Wineries

My road trip previews have fallen by the wayside, but I had to squeeze at least one more out. Because it's a biggie.

Wine tasting in Sonoma Valley.
I'm going to have a perma-purple mouth.
But it's worth every sip.

Since I have one Sonoma wine tasting experience under my belt, there are a couple places I know I'd like to return to.

First, Peterson Winery. Not only is it the coolest name ever, their zinfandel rocks my world.

Second, Ledson Winery. Mostly because it's just a really, really awesome castle. My mom, grandma and I made sure to get our picture in front of it.

I'd also like to go back to Ferrari-Carano because they had beautiful gardens to just wander through. That's where we took this little gem.

Maybe we'll schmooze with a winemaker and get invited to do some barrel tasting? Here's to wishful thinking.

[all pictures courtesy of my dad]


  1. Ahem, you have more than one Sonoma wine tasting experience under your belt.

  2. Carol, yes it's amazing!
    Mads, 1 Sonoma trip and 1 CLASSY trip to Napa. (wine tasting in sweatpants is the definition of classy)


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