Monday, August 16, 2010

See you later, alligator

Our picnic at Golden Gardens to see off Karen was perfect, well except for the whole "seeing her off" part. We'd all like her to stay, but duty calls and she's been given a great opportunity to shine! Other than that, the weather, the sunset, the meteor shower and the company were all just lovely.

The guest of honor and me.

James and Mads.

RyRy manning the grill.

The ladies

Not sure what's going on in this picture - between Maddie discovering something and me apparently eyeing the chips and salsa, it's funny.
Reason #692 of why I love Seattle.


  1. i shared a post last week about the perfect picnic! yours looks great.
    have u entered my giveaway?
    and it's back to school week on my blog!

  2. Awww Karen!! That sunset picture is so pretty!


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