Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fax and Mills

Dear Susannah,
Thank you for coming down to visit Stephanie and I in Seattle the other night. After you left, Stephanie and I voted and it's unanimous, you must move back to Washington.

So go ahead and get your masters as Stanford (we'll let you do that), but then make your way north again. We agree that L.A. isn't really your style. Seattle, on the other had, has Susannah written all over it. See (below)?

At any rate, the Green Lake picnic was wonderful. Next time you should bring an extra bottle of wine since you spilled not 1, but 2 (!!) glasses of wine. And Stephanie, the salad was delicious. Although I'm sure our friend, the "vegetarian" Susannah, would have preferred a plate of bacon. Or a hot dog. Next time :)

You ladies make me happy.


P.S. Remember when Josh thought your last name was Fax and Mills instead of Faxon-Mills UNTIL OUR SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL? Yeah, that was funny.

via, but altered :)


  1. Ha HA! This post made me so happy. You ladies are very persuasive... it's hard to counter your argument when my name is LITERALLY written over the Seattle skyline. Weird that I've never noticed that before...

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