Friday, August 27, 2010


Thank God its Vacation!

We're hittin' the open road at 7am tomorrow morning. First stop: Visit Lizzie in Redding, Ca. Yay! It was her birthday a few days ago, so we'll even be able to celebrate that.

We're fully prepared for long hours on the road - The iPod is loaded with music, audio books and comedian's stand-up. I'm most excited for the audio book Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (I remember it being hysterical when I read it 10 years ago), tons of stand-up of Jim Gaffigan, and the USA Top 40 playlist that Joe just downloaded for me. Oh, and the Glee soundtrack that he also downloaded. (For me? Probably. But I like to pretend he's a closet Gleek and actually rocks out to Don't Stop Believin' all the time.)

I'll miss you dearly, but I'll be back and probably with purple-stained teeth. Ciao!

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