Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ain't no mountain high enough

When you have SNOWSHOES on! I got Joe snowshoes for Christmas, so we didn't have to borrow all the time. This, in turn, meant that I would also have to buy them for myself. What a pity :)

So on our little mini-trip to Leavenworth, we went on 2 snowshoeing adventures. Once in Leavenworth and once at Stevens Pass, but on the other side of the ski area. At Stevens, we gained some major elevation and weren't too far from the top! I kept blaming my lack of breath on the high elevation... I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with my lack of exercise recently, right? In Leavenworth, however, it was a bit more flat. But we did forge the river because it was frozen over! I guess they call is Icicle River for a reason.

Near the top! Isn't it lovely? Minus my bright red nose. Am I Rudolf?

We even "off-roaded" a bit, which was my favorite part.

And I found this hole in the snow and took a rest.

And Joe conquered this mini-hill. This was in Leavenworth when we thought this was a big hill... before the monstrous mountain!

We ended up snowshoeing until the sunset, which isn't too late this time of year, but still. We're badass.


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