Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Willkommen in Leavenworth

On the heels of this little video, Joe and I decided to make the trek over the pass to go to one of my favorite Bavarian towns on Earth: Leavenworth. (I guess I haven't been to any others, but it's still an AWESOME place.)

We meandered around the town, ate a schweinshaxe, drank German beer, wine tasted (did you know they now have 13 tasting rooms in the town?), visited the hat shop and Nutcracker museum, watched the Huskies win the Holiday Bowl and more! (Our snowshoeing adventures to come) Ironically, Erik, Shelly and Johan (Joe's family) were in town our last day, so we also visited with them over a drink and some sledding.

Overall, fabulous little mini-trip!

The classic welcome sign picture. How many times have I posed with that sign? I can't even count.


German beer the size of my head!

Can we please talk about how red my hair looks here? And how purple our teeth are? And how blue Joe's eyes are? And his awesome Swedish hat?

Nutcrackers galore. Joe was excited.

As I was trying to take of photo of Joe and Johan, all of a sudden the little bugger came crashing down directly for me. Then this continued for a good 30 minutes. I haven't seen a little kiddo laugh that much in a long time. Good times.

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