Thursday, January 20, 2011


So do you remember when I was coveting these clogs? Well, I still love those clogs (and would also love to get a pair of Hasbeens), but I have managed to get my hands on some very special clogs: My Grandma's clogs! Straight from Sweden. She has about 27 pairs. (I'm really not exaggerating.) She's living in a home for seniors now and can't bring everything with her, so I was able to pick out a couple of my favorites. I thought the camel-colored and red ones suited me quite nicely. In fact, I'm wearing the camel clogs right now. I think she'll be happy with the use I'll get out of them too. It's amazing how comfortable a pair of wooden shoes can be!

My mom saved a few pairs of my clogs from when I was a wee one and they are frickin' adorable.

It's kind of fun that clogs are making a comeback. Are you eyeing a pair yourself?


  1. Ja ja! I have had my eye on a pair of red Hasbeens for a while, I love all of their styles and colors!

  2. You put a smile on my face. I'll bet mom is happy too.


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