Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The list

Maddie (via Stacy, come on, where's your blog Stacy?) inspired me to answer this simple question:

In dream land; you get 3 boyfriends (or girlfriends), who are they? Oh, and boyfriends and husbands should presumably be on the list.

She said Jason, Leo and JT. All very great options.

My choices would be:

Jakey. Always been a fan. Well, maybe not in Bubble Boy, but for awhile. I personally think there's a little resemblance between him and my main squeeze, no?

#2 was difficult to choose. I was going between Matt Damon and others, but I think I've settled on Joel McHale. Not only is he a UW grad/UW Rose Bowl Football team alumni, he's funny.

But I wouldn't trade any of them for this blue-eyed dream boat. Not a single one. (hehe, look at that goofy smile.)

P.S. When I asked Joe about who he'd choose, he refused to answer. He said that he'd only have one on his list. Angelina. Ok, just kidding. Me :) Makes me feel a little wrong posting this, but I think he's holding out.

Who would be on your list?



  1. Jake is totally on my list too!!! Love him! I'm also a pretty big fan of Ryan Reynolds. And since I don't have a boyfriend my third is Taye Diggs.

  2. Oh my goodness JT for sure!!! He takes up the 1-3 spots for me! :)


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