Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunriver 2K11

Sunriver was a blast because...

We went skiing/boarding (as I posted yesterday)

We went wedding dress shopping. Why? Because AUTUMN IS ENGAGED! (Yay!) She looked gorgeous in so many of the dresses, but we may have found a winner. It looks like this. (Ok, not really, but it's very pretty.)

We went on snow walks while linking arms.

More snow walks.

We hung out in the Sunriver mall area.

And may have spent way too much time at Goody's eating candy, drinking Green River sodas, Cherry Coke floats and malts.

Goody's was hoppin'. Maddie said that it would make Amelia (her sister) happy. The glory days of Sunriver in the 90s will return after all. (Apparently the popularity of Sunriver has dwindled over the years, but we think it's making a comeback!)

We drank really good beer at Deschutes Brewery. My fave was called Giraffe on Ice Skates. Yum.

We went to the Owl's Nest Pub to hang out with old people. There aren't too many young people chillin' there.

We laughed. And Kimber made Karen's hair look awesome. Look at her!

We smiled.

And quite possibly the best part, we danced. 7 20-something girls with 4 senior citizens. Mostly the 7 girls. It was a blast, especially when they played Shakira.

Overall, amazing trip. I'd like to go back. Now. Ladies?

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