Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What do you do?

Recently, I was thinking about all the weird little preferences we all have. So I thought I'd ask what yours are and share mine.

Do you break your spaghetti noodles in half before boiling or not? I go back and forth. I was about to the other night when Joe jumped over my counter from across the room, yelling, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (or just gasped a little when he was standing beside me – either way, I got the point)

Do you accept Facebook friend requests of people you don’t know/remember, but have dozens of friends in common? I also go back and forth on this.

Do you celebrate big on Christmas eve or Christmas day? I’m totally an eve gal, myself.

Do you hit the gas pedal on yellow lights or start to slow? Guiltily, I totally hit the gas pedal. Except for the red light camera intersections I know of on 45th and Market.

Do you tip 15 or 20%? I tip 20% usually. I’m a sucker. My quick stint as a hostess and server made me realize how important tipping is.

Do you wear socks to bed or not? I definitely do not, unless it’s impossible to fall asleep due to frozen toes.

Do you use keyboard shortcuts or always your mouse? Umm, shortcuts all the way!

Do you run/walk around Green Lake clockwise or counterclockwise? I usually go clockwise, but have been known to switch it up at times. I know, I’m cah-razy!

Do you sleep on the left, right or in the middle of your bed (assuming directions when looking at the bed)? I’m on the right. And sometimes end up diagonally.

That’s all for now.

Can you think of any other simple/odd preferences that we all choose between?

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