Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This one goes out to you, Kathryn Bradley!

You mentioned how much you like being in my blogs, so I am dedicating this post solely to you!

So here are some of the reasons I like Kathryn:
  • I can break out in song or dance in our office and not be judged. Sometimes even joined!

  • You laugh at my jokes. Actually, I like the fact that we laugh a lot in our office.

  • I can say, "I kind of want to go home and stir my meatballs" and you understand.

  • You support my wine habit by buying me wine glasses on more than one occassion.

  • You helped me get through the half-marathon, especially the last 2 miles.

  • All of your random acts of kindness like when you bring me back chocolate from the foundation. There are days that saved me. (Hmm, you're at the foundation now... I wonder if today will be another lucky day?!)

  • Your efforts to convince me to do a triathlon... that's still TBD.

  • I can count on your to not only get a latte in the morning, but also cash in our Starbucks $2 treat receipt in the afternoon.

  • I can trust that you'll let me know when I'm wearing something that isn't work appropriate. ("Is it ok to wear sandals to work?!" Is it ok to wear a mini-tube dress with go-go boots? I'm just never sure.")

  • We can trash talk our former landlord, Joyce. I'm glad you moved because you never know when that lady will throw an eviction notice at you for no reason.

  • You're willing to take part in "top hat bad days"

  • The fact that you're game for the Little Red Hen on a Wednesday night.

  • And for being understanding of my fragility the day after this said night. Well, I think it helped that we were in the same boat.

  • Lastly, for being so awesome!

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