Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Before Thirty

Friends, I'm officially 28 years old. (Zoom even told me so.) I know we all think it, but honestly, where does time go?! In honor of gaining another year of wisdom, I've decided to make a 30 Before Thirty list, so time doesn't pass me by. Thirty things I'd like to do before I turn the big 3-0. (Some overlap with this list, but they are still different.) If you know me well, I'm all about making goals and lists, so this suits me perfectly. Some are ambitious, some not so much, but all are things that I want to do in the next two years. Ok, ready. set. GO!
  1. Learn to sew.
  2. Take salsa dance lessons.
  3. Go abroad again – Greece, Costa Rica, French Polynesia? I'm open to anything.
  4. Grow and eat my own veggies and/or herbs.
  5. Read more books and finish the half-read ones.
  6. Run another marathon.
  7. Marry this fella.
  8. Reassess my 401K and retirement plan. Make sure I can retire at 35 :) (just kidding)
  9. Learn (some) Swedish.
  10. Learn to drive a stick shift better.
  11. Go on more Mom and Dad dates.
  12. Buy a nice SLR camera.
  13. Learn how to use said nice camera.
  14. Hike Mount Si.
  15. Go zip lining somewhere.
  16. Find a new hobby that I’m passionate about.
  17. Host a big Holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas!
  18. Brew beer (again).
  19. Pay off my car. (Both the Toyota loan and the Dad loan from catastrophe 2k9)
  20. Buy a house.
  21. Renovate a room in that said house. (Because the house I buy will likely need some prettification)
  22. Make homemade pasta, ravioli and gnocchi. (That’s a 3 for 1!)
  23. Give blood. I’m not afraid of needles, but I’ve never given blood. Why? I have no excuse.
  24. Go wine tasting in a new region – Walla Walla? Burgundy, France?
  25. Master a 5 course gourmet meal.
  26. Be better at sending snail mail.
  27. Get a kitty! (Joe and I decided we’d name him Carl-Gustav after the King of Sweden :))
  28. Complete a triathlon.
  29. Explore the idea of opening my dream shop: Wine not? (Filled with wine, cheese, goodies and more entertaining supplies!)
  30. Continue to grow my amazing relationships with family and friends because they are awesome.

What would be on your list?


  1. I'm turning 27 this month and love this idea! Is that the convertible dress you are wearing?! if it is or even if it isnt, i love it :)

  2. What a fantastic list...I turned 30 and believe me...I haven't done half of what's on your list. ;) Haha!

  3. Happy birthday my dear friend! Love your list - and I'll totally kitty sit for you!! Lets hang out soon - I miss you and want to catch up!

  4. What a great idea - this list is awesome, I especially like #24 & 29! :)


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