Friday, October 7, 2011

maddie's happy list

Out of the blue, Maddie sent me a happy list. And boy, happy lists have a way of just lifting my mood, even though it's not my own list! I think we can all identify with at least one, if not all of other people's lists. Heck, I have red fingernails right now and it's #1 on her list! And those Friday night plans she speaks of (#7) are with both me and my mom (#8!). TGIF.
  1. Red fingernails
  2. The deep green color leaves turn when it rains
  3. Animals with pushed in faces
  4. A snuggly warm bed on a cold morning
  5. Joni Mitchell songs
  6. The prints I just bought for my bedroom
  7. Fun Friday night plans with great girlfriends
  8. My mother
  9. Using a free tall drink coupon, then receiving a free GRANDE drink in exchange
  10. Trying successful new recipes
P.S. Maddie's last happy list.
P.P.S. I will not pretend that happy lists were my own brainchild. Rockstar Diaries was my inspiration.
P.P.P.S. I will definitely take new happy lists. If you want to send one, send away and I'll post! (for those without my other email: petesspeaks (at)


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