Monday, October 3, 2011

Happily Ever After

I remember Olita saying if there was only one thing her guests would remember as they leave her wedding, it would be: "Wow, they are just so in love." Well, I have good news, Olita - the two of you looked like you were sooo madly in love. A true happily ever after.

But I have even more good news - I also left thinking that was AN AMAZING WEDDING. It goes beyond the decorations and food (decorations post to come!), but the crazy fun we all had together. I guess it's easy to celebrate when you're celebrating two fabulous people. Congrats!

Steve looked like he was on Cloud 9 when Olita walked down the aisle.

Once again, my fella was the best darn date ever.

The GMMB cast and crew (minus Susie and Megan!). We knew how to boogie.

I wanted to put this little man in my pocket and take him home; he was so adorable! This tiny couple liked to entertain us all with their break dancing moves!

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