Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend

Everything from relaxing to house-hunting and fishing to sushi-making - it was one of those solid weekends when you go to bed on Sunday night and think, "wow, what a fulfilling weekend." But then you wake up on Monday morning and think, "you're kidding me - it's already Monday?!" Do you know the feeling?

At any rate, can't wait to share my fun adventures from the weekend!

P.S. Fun random fact: Did you know that Henry Ford standardized the 5-day work week? Before him, 6 days was the norm. Thank you, Henry.


  1. Thank you Mr. Ford!!! Can you imagine only have one day off?!

    1. I know! I wouldn't be able to survive...

  2. Sounds marvelous! I love everything about your weekend.... ;) pretty soon it'll be Friday again! Yay


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