Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Dorothy Moment

If you could close your eyes, click your heels three times and magically appear somewhere else, where would you go? I think I might find myself on the bow of a boat on Lake Chelan with a Corona in hand. Chelan is the definition of relaxation. (Or I might go here!)


  1. Mine would be either Alaska with a halibut pole and jig or Hawaii with a "lava flow"

  2. That's a REAL polaroid :)
    Mine is Maui, get ready!!!!!!!!

  3. I would be in Hawaii or Isle of the Palms in SC. Or...anywhere warm!!!!

  4. Yes, yes and yes! I would go to all of those places with each of you :)

  5. So glad you found my blog! :) Eager to get to know you better! :)

    If I could go anywhere... hmmmm... this is TOUGH! I'd probably take my man friend to Europe... he's never been out of the country so I think just the thrill of taking him somewhere would be phenomenal!

    Or Hawaii sounds reeeeeaaaalllllly nice right now, too :)


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