Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Farewell, Sambar.

With Sambar right down the street from my place, it's no surprise that I've stopped in on occasion. (Actually, for two Valentine's Days in a row!)  It's a cute, tiny establishment with crazy rotating cocktail concoctions - in fact, I usually only know about half of the ingredients! Turns out, they will be closing in June, so Maddie, Steph and I decided that we should get a final visit in. We ordered some sort of sweet and spicy cocktail - I'd give it a 6 or 7 on a spicy scale of 1-10. And if you know me, you know I like spicy things, so it definitely hit the spot!

But the side of frites didn't help our hunger pains, so after cocktails we walked down the street for Chinese. (True story: I have never been to a Chinese restaurant in Seattle! Crazy, huh?) While the people were downright hilarious, the food... well, it looks far better in the picture than it tasted. I think we might have been better off picking up some Chinese at Safeway. I don't know about Mads and Steph, but my stomach was definitely singing me a song (growling like crazy!) that evening. But a lesson learned, I suppose!

Overall, perfect evening to kick off the weekend!

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