Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 Reasons I Love the Puyallup Fair

My top ten reasons for why I love the Puyallup Fair:
  1. The rides. We only go on one per year (this year we went on the super-high swings!), but not only are they fun, they make me feel like a kid again.
  2. Corn on the cob. Let's just say they dip the entire cob in butter. Indulgent? Yes. But you can't be good all of the time, right?
  3. The cute little farm animals!
  4. Fisher scones, a-MAZ-ing. The raspberry jam is where it's at.
  5. The grange displays.
  6. Ginormous pumpkins.
  7. Hundreds of one of my favorite flowers, dahlias! It's hard to pick a favorite color.
  8. This is a new one: the Earthquake Cheeseburger. It's literally as big as my head and quite delicious.
  9. My annual supply of honey from the Snoqualmie Valley Honey Farm. For the past 3 (or 4?) years, I've picked up a jar to sweeten my morning tea at work. My favorite is the lavender honey. Best way to start my morning.
  10. The tradition :) Year after year, we make it happen and it's the perfect way to welcome fall. Can't wait until next year !
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  1. aww looks like you had so much fun! the fair is coming here in about 2 weeks, and i can't wait to have some elephant ears :)


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