Friday, September 28, 2012


Happy weekend, friends! We are headed over to Yakima to celebrate Jessie and Pete's nuptials. I can't wait to see the beautiful bride and boogie the night away! Rather than have a whirlwind trip, we decided to head over tonight and stay until Sunday morning. Perhaps spend Saturday exploring a few wineries and just relaxing after a long, long week.

Hope you all have a festive, yet relaxing weekend ahead of you too!

P.S. I snapped this photo of a random couple in Hawaii and it took everything in me not to chase them down and ask for their email, so I could send it to them. I just wasn't quite sure how they'd respond to some girl running after them on their romantic beach walk, yelling, "wait, I took a photo of you! Let me show you!" It could have gotten weird, don't you think?

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  1. your blog is so cute! i miss this layout actually, ha :) you totally should have ran after them!


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