Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Gig

On one glorious day over Labor Day weekend, we made our way down to Gig Harbor to spend a day at the Helling's home to enjoy our final summer days. What did we do? Well, let me tell you.
  1. We roasted an entire, full grown pig. (It wasn't Wilbur, I promise!) Thanks to Chef Leif for doing the honors!
  2. Drank a few beers, some in the namesake of the Double Take!
  3. Some sailed, some windsurfed and a few wakeboarded.
  4. Many of us floated on our trusty friend, the Inflation Station.
  5. Then we all cozied up around a bonfire until our eyelids became heavy. 
Summer, you will be missed. Fall, I expect GREAT things. 

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