Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Secret Message

Remember when we started remodeling our bathroom back in SEPTEMBER? Well, I'm pleased to announce that it'll be finished soon! (It'll be nice to use the sink again - brushing our teeth and washing our hands/faces in the kitchen has been interesting) And a blog reveal will most definitely happen. But let me just tell you this: It's turning out to be gorgeous! It may be my favorite room of the moment. (Well, second to this room, obviously.)

In the process, I left a secret message for the people who remodel this bathroom next because it sure as heck won't be us; we'll either be gone or hire someone next time! We also put a dollar bill in the wall because it's honestly one of my dreams that good ol' Judy (former owner) left a giant stash of money somewhere - she was elderly so you never know, right? And I realize that a dollar wouldn't be considered a "giant stash" by any means, but sorta fun!

Oh, and we found more evidence of different wallpaper. Judy just loved her wallpaper.


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