Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kickball: It's all the rage

Last night marked opening night of the Underdog Seattle Kickball season. My team, Nick Nolte and the Hoblows*, dominated - winning 99-0!

*Don't ask what it means because I have no idea - I didn't think of it. I was ok with our original name: A Swift Kick in the Grass

Ok, ok, so the other team didn't show up which means that the score is automatically listed as 99-0. But it's still really cool that's what will show up on the online scoreboard! We found some peeps who were willing to scrimmage, so we still had some time to master our kicking, catching and looking pretty in the outfield skills...

Highlights from the night:
  • The collision between Holden and me
  • JJ Mraz's fedora
  • Being able to watch Maddie's butt from outfield all night

But really, kickball is making a comeback. Even the Jonas Brothers play, so it must be hip.

My goal: To make it through the season without pulling a muscle like last year.

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