Monday, February 22, 2010

Goodbye, normal life

Hello, running 24/7.

My "official" training program starts this week.

Holy cow. What am I thinking? Family and friends, my apologies for seeming completely unavailable for the next four months.

By the time June 26th rolls along, I will have run 461.2 miles. That's starting today, not even including the last few weeks.

I just have to keep telling myself that normal people do these and still keep their lives balanced. Case in point: Olita. While I do recall her dreading some of the runs where the mileage was in the teens or higher, she made it seem doable. (Olita - You're my inspiration for this one!)

For the 20-miler, Autumn, Maddie and I have already decided that we're running the Burke-Gilman up to Redhook Brewery from Gasworks - a perfect 20 miles. At Redhook we will be greeted by giant cheeseburgers, beer and lots and lots of water. Oh, and Joe, James and Ry Ry. Then they'll drive our stinky butts home. (Thanks in advance guys!)

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