Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics Fever

I have a slight case of the Olympics fever. Not actually planning things around particular events or making the trip north, but definitely have my TV set to the right channel when I'm home.

I don't care what you think, but I'm totally diggin' the Norwegian curling team's pants. They're just plain sweet.

Isn't this a great photo of one of the ski jumpers? Which, by the way, I watched a couple minutes of and can't even fathom what kind of knee damage is happening in their landings. Ouch! (and when did I get to the age to automatically think about potential knee damage?)

The biathlon. Quite possibly the funniest Olympic spot. Yes, even ahead of curling. Cross country skiing + rifle shooting = funny.

I'm not trying to join the bandwagon here, but Shaun White is rad. It's not all hype. He's just really, really good. He invented a new jump called the Double McTwist. (Umm, did McDonald's have anything to do with that name? Smells sort of like sponsorship.)

All photos from the Big Picture of the Boston Globe. Great work!


  1. Biathlon is the sport that I would like to compete in. Shooting with any outdoor activity appeals to the caveman/carnivore in me!!

  2. Funny you should say that because Richelle and I were watching it at Tina's place and we decided that you would do quite well. It's never too late to try :)


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