Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Thoughts.

  1. This website makes me giggle and I'm not even that into the rivalry. Only around some people (read: Greg Knutzen) who bring it out in me...
  2. I know I just bought a bike last year (if you remember, it was quite a fiasco), but I already want a nicer one. Since parking has been extremely bad at work lately, I'm thinking of getting back into the biking to work habit. Well, when it's a tad nicer out.
  3. Yesterday was National Pancake Day, so I had swedish pancakes. They were taaaaaasty. (When I was back home on Sunday, my nephew's vote for regular pancakes trumped my vote for swedish. Dad compromised and made banana pancakes.)
  4. I ran 5 miles yesterday - 2 more than I needed to, but it felt nice. I also realized that I don't need to wear reflective clothing or a headlamp when running in the dark; my bare legs do the job quite well.
  5. I'm going wine tasting tonight and will likely end up looking like this.

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