Friday, February 12, 2010


Here are some of the things that have gotten me through this long lovely Friday.
  1. My grandma sent me a Starbucks card for Valentine's Day, so I got a fun coffee drink this morning. Thanks, Gma Toni! (See both grandmas below - aren't they cute? Holden admitted that he thought my Gma Toni was my aunt.)
  2. I recently wrote about running in the dark on my Seattle PI blog and asked for suggestions for well-lit running routes. Then today I checked to see if anyone as commented and found the best comment of all time: "Being a full time creeper I'm not in favor of publicly lit paths or streets. How am I supposed to stay hidden in the bushes with all this light?" Thank you man or woman, for making me feel that much safer on my night runs. (Holden?)
  3. I had lunch here with my awesome coworkers. We're going to make it a tradition. Working on my new year's resolution still!
  4. Poker tonight. And you know how much I love poker.
  5. This quote, straight from the mouth of my own co-worker _____, "Well, I learned from the Bachelor, since the Bachelor is where I get all of my love and romance advice, that..." I'm leaving you with a cliffhanger, I know. Must protect the innocent.
  6. 3-day weekend. Amen.

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