Monday, March 15, 2010

Gettin' our dance on

On Saturday, we got our dance on at the Frontier Room in Belltown. I don't think I've gone out dancing since our trip to Vegas last March, so I was due for a little boogie.

Belltown sure knows how to attract some creepers. They all stand around the dance floor and quietly observe all the ladies dancing. Stephanie actually got the courage to ask one that was precariously perched right next to us, "do you enjoy just watching everyone?" He said, "yes." Creep factor: 8. Creep factor 10 was reached when one guy was wearing gloves because he said that people were "germy."

Nonetheless, it was a really fun girl's night out!

Steph must have been telling a great story here. I wish I remembered what we were talking about. Maybe about the guy wearing gloves?

As you can see, a lot of creepers.

The ladies of the night.

Kimber's new bangin' bangs. And Autumn's amazing red lipstick.

This guy was our favorite creeper of the night. He didn't leave our side. We were trying to be sneaky by taking this pic, but I'm sure he knew exactly what we were doing. Oops.

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