Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I discovered Discovery Park

I don't know how I've lived in Seattle for over 7 years and never made it to Discovery Park until now. It just doesn't add up - I like hikes (check), beaches (check), new running routes (check), short drives (check), driftwood forts (check) and the outdoors, in general (check!).

Sunday afternoon we went for a little picnic and hiking adventure. We even packed some hot cocoa and marshmallows - yum! When we were headed back to the car, we must have taken a few wrong turns. It was odd - we passed a sign that said that the Visitor Center was .5 miles, so we walked in that direction. Then the next sign said 1.2 miles! I still don't quite know how that happened...

Next up, Alki! (because, strangely, I haven't been there either...)


  1. How have you never been to Alki -- hahah!!! What'd you think about it? I haven't check out Discovery Park yet, but not sure exactly where it is. That's what Google's for :)

  2. I just discovered Discovery Park a few years ago and fell in love with it too! Totally hit up Alki!


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