Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is here a party?

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for my absolute favorite festival of the year:

(I'm sure there will be several more posts about it.
I like to obsessively talk about it.)

This year marks the 5th annual trip east of the mountains and in true former-sorority-member fashion, what did we decide to do? Make a t-shirt to commemorate the momentous occasion.

For a little context, last year our favorite Oktoberfest band, Die Hockfellner, was trying to excite the crowd between songs and would shout in their adorable German accents: "Is here a party?" and the such. We couldn't get enough of it. Hence, our decision to create a shirt that proudly displays the fabulous phrase. This is the masterpiece design that Kotis put together for us. Isn't it amazing?! I know, you're jealous... with good reason.

Last year, Maddie and I decided to surprise everyone with these lovely costumes. We were super sneaky and no one had any idea what their "Special Leavenworth Surprise" would be... We were superstars that weekend; random people, left and right, asked to get their picture with us.

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