Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jenny is 21

This is Jenny. Let me tell you a little about Jenny. She is 21, likes to go out dancing and celebrate with the ladies. When she tells others that it's her 21st birthday, people left and right want to buy her a drink. It's a pretty good deal actually.

But let me really tell you about Jenny. Jenny is Maddie. Maddie discovered the perks of pretending to turn 21 two years ago and so a tradition began. (For the record, Kimbie made the "announcement" that is was her 21st!) Every spring, we go out to celebrate Jenny's 21st birthday. While technically Jenny should be 23 now, and in reality she's pushing 28, we are going to live it up for as long as we can.

So to let the tradition live on, we made the trek to Belltown for some dancing last Saturday. We love us some dancing.

The crew.

Dancing begins. Oh wait, is Straube starting to robot dance?

Oh yes she is! And now she's crazy robot dancing and I apparently love it. I actually really do.

Throw your hands up in the AIR!

One thing about Belltown is that there are a lot of sketchy fellas out there. Some just stand on the perimeters of the dance floor and watch. Like these dudes.

That's why when you find these dudes that are FAR more interested in dancing with each other, you got a good thing going on. Guys that 1) like to dance 2) know and scream sing all of the lyrics to the latest Britney song, actually better than you.

Oh Belltown, if only you weren't so exhausting. Can't wait to hang out on Jenny's 24th, errr, next 21st birthday!


  1. For the record, I did not make up Jenny's 21st birthday, Kimber did. I am not that greedy. Just saying.

  2. Lol that's a riot! And kinda brilliant.


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