Friday, April 8, 2011


We're turning back the clock for another edition of TG(iPhone)F. Today you'll get another glance of Meredith's beautiful wedding. Well, not so much about the wedding, but a couple who attended the wedding. (Speaking of Meredith, she writes the most thoughtful thank you notes that I feel like I have to write a thank you for her thank you. So thank you, Meredith - for inviting us to your fun wedding!)

Before the ceremony, we picked up some coffee and walked around the Seattle University campus - which is actually quite pretty. I think it helped that it was a lovely fall afternoon.

Then after the ceremony, we got down to business. Eating, drinking and dancing the night away. Luckily, wedding season is almost upon us, so we can get this party started again!

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  1. How have I never seen that top picture of you guys - its stunning, a total framer! Like magazine quality you two!


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