Friday, April 22, 2011


Umm, how romantic is this picture? Love it.

To start your weekend off on a good note, I'll share some interesting stuff from around the web.

Public Relations was named the second most stressful job of 2011, just after commercial airline pilot. I'm so not surprised. Is your job on the list?

I can't get enough of this ad. And it's not just because we created it.

I'm thinking of making this risotto for Easter again (with ham), unless someone shares any other delicious options? I'm open to suggestions.

I must make this immediately. Sorry work, I have chocolate priorities.

And this isn't around the web, per se, but an email from Lizzie about a flat tire - the long and short of it is: Lizzie's car got a flat tire. She goes to Les Schwab. They need to get into her trunk. Man comes back inside and says, "we're going to have to take the body out of your trunk." Lizzie goes, "WHAT?!" Then she realizes that SHE HAD CREEPY CAROLER IN HER TRUNK! Best. story. EVER. (Thanks for the laugh, Lizzie!)

Have a fabulous, bunny and family-filled Easter weekend!

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  1. Happy happy friday to you lady!!! And, you do not still use a razor ... :)


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