Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When parents collide

There comes a time in a relationship when your parents meet his parents. That time for me was this Easter Sunday. I thank my lucky stars every single day for having such fun, thoughtful, and inspiring parents, so I had no reason to be nervous. Yet, a twinge of nerves did surface a few days before. They were very fleeting nerves, but nerves nonetheless. Visions of Meet the Fockers were dancing through my head, but then I quickly snapped back to reality and remembered that both of our parents were completely normal. (Well, except for the fact that my dad is Superman.) If anything, they even had some similarities.

The meeting: The moms quickly went off onto the deck and looked at Joe's plants. The dads chatted on the couch about this and that. Joe and I manned the kitchen, occasionally listening in on their conversations. (I'll pretend I didn't hear the conversations about our future children.)

Then dinner was served - ham, spring risotto, and mixed greens salad with blue cheese, almonds and cranberries. But enough about the food. The parents. Well, they totally hit it off. It was as if they'd known each other for years. At one point, it was suggested that they go to Sweden together! I think that's what you might call a good sign :)

So now we've reached another milestone in our relationship. Just as expected, this fella (and his family!) keeps getting only the highest of marks.


  1. so exciting!

    awesome blog, i follow! follow back and on twitter: @queenbutnocrown


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