Monday, October 1, 2012

The Palm Springs of Washington

This weekend we made the journey over to the Palm Springs of Washington - Yakima. (Seriously, that's what they call themselves!) We were going to celebrate Jessie and Pete as they became hubby and wife, so thought we'd take the opportunity to go a night early, so we could have a little extra time to relax and explore the bustling metropolis.

On Saturday, we took our time to get up and get ready (which felt so luxurious!) and then hit up a few wine tasting rooms - Gilbert Cellars, which had the most amazing Grenache. And Treveri Cellars, which has mastered the bubbly - they even a delicious sparkling syrah. I'm already regretting not picking up a bottle. In between, we took a little lunch break at a hoppin' local pizzeria. An afternoon well-spent.

We eventually made it back to our hotel to get ready for an evening of fun - details to come, but I will tell you this: you would have never known this was a DIY wedding - gorgeous!

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