Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amiche dall' Italia

My roommates from Italy came over for an Italian feast last night - complete with bread and olive oil/vinegar, wine and pasta. (Sorry, ladies - I forgot to whip out the Nutella! A minor obsession of ours.)

It was great to catch up! Learn all about Carol's wedding plans and Jessie's gutsy (and successful!) moves at work. As always, we promised that we wouldn't let so much time pass between get-togethers and I hope we stay true to that. Although, it's good to know that we can easily pick up where we left off...

Chillin' on the side of a canal in Venice.
Livin' la vita bella.

Funny story:
So Carol and I knew each other because we just so happened to be Panhellenic Delegates and Presidents of our respective sororities for two years (Read: tons of meetings together where we shared our crazy stories of the crazy women in our houses). However, we were under the impression that we needed a third roommate. Fortunately, little Miss Straube met this "really cool DZ at a Pi Kapp toga party who was going to Rome too!" Bingo.

In an effort to reduce our risk of getting bunked up with "that crazy girl" of the program, we bombarded her at our next pre-trip meeting and asked her to be our roommate. She accepted our plea and later told us how weird she thought it was that literally attacked and forced her to say yes. Fortunately, it all turned out perfectly! Even if Jessie ended up being "that crazy girl." (Ok, just kidding. I think there was a clear winner of who really took the crown of Miss Crazy.)

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  1. haha! I LOVE this post!! (I am super behind on blogs if you can't already tell). Yes, me MUST get together sooner rather than later!


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