Monday, October 29, 2012

New and Old

Tonight I was flipping through the Anthropologie catalog and came across these plates. I knew I had seen them somewhere and then it struck me - the pattern was nearly identical to my great (great?) grandmother's china from Norway. (Minus the odd dip-dye effect.) Years ago, my Grandpa Pete sent me home with one of her plates and I've had it proudly displayed since - you can even see where I have it now.

My plate could conceivably be 70+ years old and now you can find something similar at a store near you. Makes you really think about how cyclical design and fashion can be. Let's just cross our fingers that 1970's kitchens come back in style because let me tell you, our kitchen would be breathtaking. (Currently, it's breathtaking in a whole different way!)

The china is even stamped with the town our Norweigian family was from: Egersund!


  1. Your great grandma was 70 years ahead of the trend!

  2. lol at the comment above :) that is cool though...and super cool yours are from norway! i adore norway, my husbands dads family is from there and we've gotten to visit - it has part of my heart!


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