Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Silence Whooping Cough

If you didn't already see on Facebook, my latest campaign - Silence Whooping Cough - recently launched. It's been a BLAST to work on and it's always rewarding to put together something that can really make an impact in the community.

If you're not aware, whooping cough is running rampant through Washington and other states. While adults may experience milder symptoms (and might not even know they have it!), they can easily spread it to babies - who can experience very serious complications.

So if you're planning on being around a baby (or small child, for that matter), please consider getting the Tdap vaccine. Just think of it as a two-for-one - you're protecting yourself and the little adorable bundles of joy you're around. (The cheat sheet chart above explains the difference between the vaccines available for whooping cough)

Ok, that's my Public Service Announcement of the day. Thank you for stickin' with me.

Now, if you could be so kind and check out the website, then send it to friends and family, I would be extremely appreciative.


  1. my brother nearly died of whooping cough when he was a baby, well done you for spreading the word! x

    1. Wow, how scary! I'm sure your family is very cautious about whooping cough! This is exactly why it's great to share the important information.

  2. What a great campaign Erika! I'm getting my flu AND whooping cough vaccine in a couple of weeks!


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