Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mazel Tov, Jessie and Pete!

There are few things more fun than a friend's wedding. Adding a winery to the equation and a few lively Jewish traditions - like the Hora and lifting the bride and groom on chairs - well, that's when things get even more fun. 

Jessie's creativity brought the wedding to the next level - every little decoration and detail was perfectly planned - the cake display, candy bar, flowers, bunting, table runners and even the late-night root beer floats! All of it, just perfect.

But the real show stopper was the bride, herself. Her simple, yet elegant dress (with a gorgeous sheer back!) certainly made her glow. Simply stunning.

Congratulations, Pete and Jessie!

The ceremony took part on top of a hill, overlooking a valley of vineyards.

The cake display was adorbs.

My hot date. (And my hot tan line, still from Hawaii)
Carol and I had a blast catching up and enjoying the festivities. (Plus, Nick and Joe had the chance to get to know each other more!) But we weren't able to snag a picture of us with the bride!

Excuse the poor lighting, but the bride and I made a few attempts of getting a good picture. I sort of love this "outake."

Despite the darkness, I'd say it's still a cute picture of the two of us :)


  1. SO.MUCH.FUN!!! So glad you came all the way over the mountains to celebrate with us, and your pics are AMAZING! I'm bummed we didn't get a proper Rome roomie shot... we'll have to photo shop one together ;)


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