Monday, July 13, 2009

Congrats, Jake and Bobby!

It was a long time coming (7 years to be exact), but Jake and Bobbie finally got hitched! The wedding was gorgeous - on the Western Washington University campus in front of Old Main and the bride and groom were shining themselves.

It was fun to see everyone there - Robby and Jeff were both in the wedding, looking all handsome. Of course, it can't go without being said, how awesome it was to have Susannah there who flew all the way up from the big city of Los Angeles (who would have ever thought that she would be the big city girl?!) The 3 of us (including Steph) rode up north together, so we could catch up on the way. Other peeps from our graduating class - Brian, Tito, Sarah and Steven.

So, I feel like it's necessary to share some of my favorite memories of Mr. Jake Harris. There are plenty to choose from like honing my pool skills in his basement nearly everyday after school, popcorn and grilled cheese feasts from his dad, him as my Winterfest date Junior year, playing Catch Phrase at Aaron's place with the gang, even taking him to a Chi Omega function in college (with Bobbie's permission, of course) - We had some good times!

Jake and Bobbie

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