Thursday, July 9, 2009

An ode to Extra Strength Tylenol

Just two days ago, I asked my mom to get me a piece of paper so I can begin writing my will. Today, I am happy to announce that I am now down to a little coughing and raspy (Phoebe would call it sexy) voice. Since you got me through this flu-like ickiness, I dedicate this song to Extra Strength Tylenol.

How do I
Get through one night without you, Tylenol?
If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?
Oh I…. need you in my system
Need you to cure me!
You’re my health, my friend, my savior
If you ever leave the shelves of Fred Meyer
Baby you'd take away everything I count on when I am sick.

And tell me now
How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breathe without coughing
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I
How do I
Oh how do I live?

If you'd like the background music... You'll just have to sing over the real lyrics.

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